Blood thinners are in use for quite long time. The latest blood thinner drugs present in the market have the risk of causing uncontrolled bleeding without an antidote. Xarelto is one among the new anticoagulants. These types of blood thinners are useful for blood clots treatment and the health problems related to it. You must also know what causes blood clots, how blood thinners treat them and the effects of Xarelto in this problem.

If you left untreated blood clots, it can lead to stroke and tissue damage. Xarelto is a direct Factor Xa inhibitor, a new type of blood thinner drug. In the website , you can find the complete details about Xarelto, its side effects and how to live using Xarelto and many others.

Blood thinners reduce the possibility of blood clots but there are high chances of uncontrolled bleeding. The earlier blood thinners have an antidote for bleeding but Xarelto is developed with no antidote. The side effects of Xarelto are severe and many people are badly affected by this.

The working mechanism of your body is complex and it contains numerous parts that all need to work together for the good health of your body. Blood is the important element that keeps on running throughout the body to maintain you healthily. It acts as a messenger, carrying food, medicine, oxygen, hormones and many others on your entire body. It acts as a defensive element when you got injured.

The blood clots form when there is a blockage from germs and other factors present in the outside world. In short, a blood clot is defined as a clump of blood cells that hardens to avoid liquid blood from flowing on your body. A blood clot is a complex process develops from the various chemicals and cells combines together to form a clot. This process is known as coagulation.

Coagulation has two main elements- platelets and proteins. Platelets are blood part that attaches together to produce the blood clot. The medical term of platelets is thrombocytes. The second element protein begins the coagulation cascade which makes the blood clot stronger and it doesn’t rupture.

If you are diagnosed with blood clot problem, your doctor recommends blood thinner medications that avoid your blood from clotting. Blood thinners are available in two main forms: antiplatelet and anticoagulants drugs. Warfarin, Xarelto are anticoagulants drugs that slow down the blood clotting. Antiplatelets drugs damage the platelet that is the main cause of blood clotting. Aspirin is one of the Antiplatelets drugs.

Though blood thinners are useful in preventing the risk of blood clots, the side effects of the blood thinners are very worse. When taking blood thinners you may experience uncontrolled bleeding from gums, vagina, wounds and nose etc. This is because the blood is not clotting and so it is bleeding constantly. It is hard to control the bleeding and in the case of any emergency situation, you can seek the support of the medical facility. The side effects of Xarelto differ from person to person and some people will get internal bleeding and it is best to check your blood regularly.