Research peptides are under research on animals for various positive effects they have. Some of the peptides that are under research are GHRP 6, GHRP 2 and Ipamorelin that are specific for the growth of muscles. There have been studies that have been conducted on humans as the FDA has still not approved the use of drugs on humans. There has been numerous research conducted on animals and the results can be on many websites. has published articles about the effects of GHRP-6. Here is another article that talks about some of the studies that have been conducted Understanding the positive effects of peptides might result in accepting them to be used as medicines.

Peptides CJC-1295 and CJC-1295 DAC are somewhat similar to the Growth Hormone that helps in releasing more growth hormones aiding muscle growth. One of the major difference is the half-life of each of these are different. The drug affinity complex increases from 30 minutes to up to 8 days. One of the important points to consider is their effect when somatostatin is very less. This hormone helps in the release of growth hormones. In animals consuming the peptides when the growth hormones are not present, has no effect. Therefore, it can only be a supplement to the Growth Hormone and cannot do anything without it.

GHRP is another form of peptide that has Growth Hormone releasing properties and small modifications lead to GHRP-6. However, they were made to form GHRP-1 and then moved on to modify as GHRP-6. Another advanced version of them is called as Ipamorelin. There are many effects of the GHRP peptides as per the research. One of the important effects of them, when tested on animals, is that they seem to increase the hunger levels which results in adding to the weight of the animals. It makes them consume more calories. Due to this, it is estimated that it may cause increased levels of cortisol, prolactin and aldosterone.

GHRP-2 is one of the most powerful drugs that can have the same effect. Except that, it did not seem to increase the hunger levels. One of the best among all the three peptides is Ipamorelin which affects the release in Gherlin and does not have any adverse effect on the hormonal levels. This could be considered as one of the positive effects of using the peptides. As mentioned before, all these were noted in animals and the FDA has not yet approved the drug as safe to be used for humans and one has to wait for approval to understand their effect on humans.

These drugs are not miraculous and they do have some side effects. They were able to retain more water in the body and the animals felt tired. Some of them even resulted in a flushed face and overall low activity. Using GHRH also caused some kind of numbness in the body like feet. Using them for more than 3 months resulted in severe damage to the animal.