Europe is one of the continents with most of the world's best tourist cities. It is the place most of the people are looking to fulfill their travel dreams. With over 50 countries to pick from, it is not simple to plan your trip easily. Only the experts who have visited several European countries can have the potential to guide you the best tourist attractions in Europe.

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As given in, you must understand the travel policy of any particular country before planning your visit.

First, you want to research the different cities in Europe so that you can get an idea about the destinations you can choose. Though Europe is a beautiful continent with above 50 countries, France and Italy are unique countries. Italy is famous for large numbers of UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can combine your vacation to these countries together since both of them are sharing the same border.

Both the countries attract several tourists every year because of their major attractions. You don't want to master their language to tour the countries. Just learn few important words and phrases it is worth to explore the France and Italy.

If you have decided to visit both France and Italy, then start your trip from Paris and Rome since these are the capital cities and you can include other cities based on your time availability. To visit the cities within France and Italy, you can prefer air travel since it is not much expensive. Paris is a little expensive city in France, but it is a worthy place to visit. Visit Paris Pass a popular museum and other sceneries around there.

Nice, the largest France city is the best option while embarking on a journey to see the amazing parts of the world. It is bit expensive to visit the city during July Month and August Month since the beach is crowded with the French people, but in other months it is not much expensive. You can find many cost-effective hotels to stay near the railway stations.

In Italy, there are many wonderful cities to visit including Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Naples, etc. The top three cities you must visit in Italy are Rome, Venice, and Florence. If you have only limited time, then focus on only these three cities.

Florence looks like a small town, but it is bigger than Venice. It is a cultural capital packed with popular cathedrals, museums, and other sceneries.

Venice is one among the stunning and remarkable cities in the world. The day time in the Venice streets is crowded with tourists and it is a little frustrating to tour the city during that period. There are many sightseeing places in Venice so you must spend here more than one day.

Crime activities like pickpockets, theft are common in several cities in Italy and France so you must keep your valuables safe. Planning a three week trip to France and Italy permits you to spend more time and visit several cities to add beautiful memories in your lifetime.