The world market had changed a lot when e-commerce first came. E-commerce created a history in making the trade online. Earlier, the brand has been differentiated by the retailers when we use to see same products. Ecommerce design was accepted by the retailers and the markets slowly. However, it turned out to be a success. As per, today e-commerce is the highest and simplest way in trading. When time flew, the habits of the customers were also changed, and the so is the branding of the product. Now a day, we sit at home, order it online, and you get it delivered at your doorstep.

Previously we used to go to the shop, select the good one, stand in the queue and then pay the cash for the product. Today, you just read a review, get interested in the product; go ahead to the online site. One used to shop according to the need and get the review and shopped when you get the time. Today, at one click everything is here.

Retail serves the customer with the best product which is according to their need, no matter where it comes from. This points that when a service is offered with the product, people buy that product. Retailers are not expected to live on the proprietary platforms. They will have to move on. But the question is what the brands should do to get showed up in these places.

The role of brand is not like the same before. By combining the selling and buying into social experiences, messaging and giving the responsibility to the third party, the retailers are at the loss of control when it comes to the interface with customers. Now the retail brands will get sold in places where they were not able to if they have a good pack of customers there. However, the chance of building brands is way smaller but there are ways for the retails to build rapport and enhance a great customer service.

The new technology has given the retailers a chance to compete with big business giants so that small retailers can also get the same resources the big businesses get. Some retailers, if they get the good resources, they will be able to create good products and will be able to compete with the big guns of the business.

It is a big industry where only those retailers can make a mark who have an excellent customer rapport. Online services are the most trusted one these days as it saves time and one can do shopping according to their convenience and need. Branding is not that important when it comes to online shopping. All that the customers need is a good product when they get a good product; branding does not have a role to play. The retailers must be able to find those right skills and the correct partners for creating the winning equations so that retail sale and experience can fix into places where they can make their presence feel.