Thyme is a woody and perennial shrub attaching beautiful flowers and square stems. It belongs to the mint family and native of Mediterranean regions and has different types of varieties, each variety with its unique oil composition. Thyme is a potent herb, famous in aromatherapy and you should use it with great care and caution.

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It is a safe and an excellent herb for children and elderly. The volatile essential oil in this herb is loaded with anti-viral, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-parasitic substances which describe why it is used as a fungicide, antibiotic, expectorant, etc. Thyme is not a new herb and exotic herb to people. It has been used for medicinal value for a long time in history. Ancient history states that it had been used by the Greeks and the Egyptians as a fragrance element for different purposes.

Thyme is a strong detoxifying element, creating it one among several liver detox foods. It is an excellent immune system booster that motivates white blood cell creation when improving resistance to foreign elements. Since cold and flu climate is about to come, it is a great idea to include thyme based food in your diet.

Thyme is good against infections most particularly digestive and respiratory issues. It is an effective treatment option for infections in the vagina and fallopian tubes and also for diarrhea. It offers a soothing effect on muscles during bronchi and helps to eliminate asthma, bronchitis, dry cough, laryngitis, whooping cough, etc. The infections for gum and mouth can be treated with a medical solution developed with a small amount of thyme oil.

For people with severe sinus problems, inhalation therapy of thyme is very helpful. It is a good anti-oxidant and prevents you from aging process. Being a good digestive herb, thyme can improve digestion, appetite and at the same time activating the liver.

No one can object the healthy benefits of thyme. When using thyme oil alone or along with other organic health enhancing compounds has been identified to cure the problems including hair loss, depression, snoring, headache, skin issues, muscle pain, chronic fatigue, parasites, anxiety, kidney problems, insomnia, stress, and nail fungus.

You must be careful when using thyme on your skin since it is available in a concentrated and pure form and can create skin irritation. Before using thyme, it is good to mix it with other substances such as lavender, pine or lemon. You can apply thyme oil on your feet soles, and it passes through your body and very tolerable. You can also try Thyme Aromatherapy with a humidifier or an aroma burner.

You can also research thoroughly about the medicinal value of Thyme before using. Since there are plenty of health benefits in Thyme, you can consider using grow thyme in your home and add the fresh herb to foods whenever necessary.