People no longer just cover the windows by some boring plain color curtains, blinds are in trend nowadays. Those pretty blinds through which the morning sun peeps through is itself a gorgeous sight to behold. Blinds refer to a hard substance made of slats or vanes whose peeping eyes can be opened and closed by a manual cord which can be pulled up and down, or by a wand or remote control. These beautiful things change the entire look of the room and bring about an elegant outlook to the room. There are many companies providing varieties of window blinds. One such specialist is the Westral Blinds located in Perth, Australia. They offer a wide range of blind designs to choose from. The website had listed Westral as one of the best in the area.

Sizes of slat available

The main advantage of window blinds is that it can be adjusted in any way. You can fully open it, half open it, or just let a small peep through letting enough privacy and a little ray of light inside. It can also be fully closed. The slats come in a variety of widths ranging from 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches. Most admired among these is the 1/2 inch ones, as these blinds give the room a contemporary look. The 1-inch slats are the easiest to manufacture and hence they are less costly than 1/2 inch ones. The people who are a bit old fashioned usually go for 2-inch slats. These resemble the Venetian blinds in outlook.

Materials used

The slats of window blinds can be arranged both horizontally and vertically. The horizontal blinds are stacked up, and the vertical ones are stacked on sides. Vertical blinds are usually used for wide window panes or glass doors which can be slid open. The blinds can be made of different materials. For a commercial building, it is preferable to use blinds made of aluminum. Aluminum blinds give a modern look which would suit commercial environments. Blinds are available in a variety of materials. These are even available in sheer fabrics which give the room a contemporary mystic look.

Color it up

The blinds can be given any color of your choice. But opt for a bold color only if you do not plan to change the wall colors of room in future and also don’t have any issue with the blinds grabbing the full attention than the windows itself. It is preferable to choose a neutral color for the blinds that also matches the color of window trim. This gives more freedom to change the color of room walls in future.

Should it roll up or down?

The client also has the liberty to choose whether the blinds should roll up or down. It can also be made as a combination of both. It is decided based on the amount of light you would like to enter the room and also the privacy you need for the room.

Wooden blinds

These are the most popular ones. Real wood or faux wood can be used to make the blinds. Wooden blinds give a more natural, earthy feel to the room. Faux wood is more preferred than real wood as these won’t get damaged by moisture and are less expensive. It can also be painted with a color of your choice.