The question does yoga for weight loss work has been pondered over for years. Not many people agreed that yoga could lead to weight loss assuredly. But researches and surveys in the recent years have proven without a doubt the yoga can not only tone jingly bits of your body, but it can also lead to graceful physique and weight loss. Yoga is no more associated simply with being one with the body and mind. It is more than about accepting the body and being aware of it. It is about fitter and healthier body. If you are looking for proof just search yoga on and you will find more than a hundred article detailing the various ways one can work towards a dream body.

One of the researchers that proved that yoga helps in dropping weight on individuals in the age range of 45 to 55. The result of the study showed that people who had excess weight and practiced yoga regularly dropped at least 5 pounds over the time span. In comparison, the group who did not practice yoga gained weight. The reason that yoga leads to weight loss is not due to the regular exercise regime; it is the inner peace that it brings. Normal yoga does not burn fat or calories. It is only power yoga that increases metabolism and helps reduce fat. But traditional yoga creates mindfulness. It teaches the body of what it needs when it needs and how much. As a result, the body recognizes when hunger is satiated. Consequently, a yoga practitioner does not indulge in overeating. The mind learns with yoga that food is not a substitute for stress. Plus by regularly doing yoga anxiety and tension ebbs away. The body and mind become more relaxed and focused. Yoga can help alleviate health disorders which are one the biggest reason of weight gain. It also helps regulate mood swings which mean the mind remains in a happier state. This is vital for a healthy and fit body. It is by working from the inside out that yoga helps lose weight and creates a robust body.

The best part of losing weight with yoga is the ability to focus on just one part of the entire body or to lose inches from all over. One can work on just muffin tops or jingly arms. If you want more toned legs, then there are asana and poses just for that. But if the aim is to get that gorgeous and graceful body then there is no better technique than a good yoga routine. Find a regime that works from the fingertips to the toes. With yoga, there are always poses that will make even the most unused muscles work.

To address not just weight issues but the core problems that lead to weight gain, yoga is the only way. While exercising and going to the gym will help in gaining a dream physical appearance they do not work on the issues that lead to weight gain. Practicing yoga leads to a holistic approach to the healthy body.