If you are new to wet shaving, then you might have several questions on choosing a perfect safety razor. Even after spending several hours on the internet, you remain confused on which is the best razor. It is because choosing a safety razor is an individual opinion. You cannot go with someone else's choice. But before you step out to buy, you must know the various features of a safety razor.

A double edge safety razor as the name suggests has two shaving sides that are identical. It is more flexible as well as saves time. It offers a clean and close shave. The Parker razors are the best double edge safety razors that are cherished by many. It strikes a perfect balance amongst convenience, shave quality and affordability. The portals of www.wikihow.com equip you with the must know facts of shaving and grooming. Here are the various benefits of using a safety razor.

Provides enhanced access

After being made famous by the King Camp Gillette in 1900s, the double edge safety razor is prevalently used by all men. The slim design of the blade offers better access to areas like neck crevices and below the nose. It also reduces the pressure applied to the face while shaving. In that way, the safety razor decreases the chances for razor burn, shaving wounds, and cuts. It conveniently offers a close shave. When you practice using a safety razor, you will soon become a pro in wet shaving.

More affordable

Whenever you purchase any product, you would like to buy the best. Similarly, when it comes to the procurement of a double edge safety razor, you are purchasing great merchandise at a more reasonable cost. The both sides of the razor offer you an extensive durability. The replacement blades are inexpensive so that you can save some money too. The safety razor is known to last for three or more years.

Offers a close shave

Wet shaving is completely different, and it requires a customized safety razor for giving you the shave of a king. The double edge safety razors are the best bet because its handle is preset at a 30-degree angle. This factor reduces the aggressiveness while shaving. You can get a smooth and clean shave without irritating your skin. It is indeed a better choice than the multi-blade razors.

Superior quality blades

When you consider the cartridge razors, you cannot rely on its class every time. They are made using inferior quality steel which can lead to frequent shaving accidents. They dull quickly as well as are expensive too. On the other hand, the double edge safety razor is built using superior quality stainless steel from a single source. Thus, both the sharper edges shave better on the application of minimal pressure.

Better acting blades

When you consider the multi-blade shaving razors, it enhances the chances of skin irritation. They pull as well as scrape the skin. It also increases the odds of having ingrown hairs or razor burn. But the single sharp-angled blade of the safety razor prevents you from such drawbacks. Two to three lighter strokes over an area are enough to obtain a clean shave. Hope, all these benefits excite you to try a double edge safety razor right away.