If you doubt whether your guy loves you or not, you have clicked the right blog. It is common for all women to get into a confused status especially when they are in a relationship. You may not know what your guy is thinking. Well, you need to read the following dating tips to get an answer for this question, does he really love me.

He treats with respect: When a man truly loves her girl, he would start to treat her with a lot of respect. He cares for even small things around her life. In simple words, he would treat her like a queen. If you find your guy giving importance to compliments, values and suggestions, then it means he is in love with you. It would become natural for him to pay attention to small details, celebrate your accomplishments, compliment your character and value your opinions. He will even get used by adjusting your bad habits. He just needs your love in pure form. If you can find these signs in your guy, it means he loves you.

You are constantly on his mind: Though he goes to work or busy with his regular schedule, he keeps in touch with you by sending text messages. He may even call and talk for few seconds in spite of his busy schedule. He keeps thinking what is good for you. He will try to explain and correct you if you are on the wrong path. You will remain in his thinking from morning to end of the day. He would be ready to do anything for you.

He compromises: It is common to fight, argue or have different opinions. It may result in a worse fight. In such scenario, your guy would try to compromise and settle things back in place. If he truly loves you, he would not wish to talk about the same matter again. He would try to end the fight in quick time. Your guy would find hard if you stop to text or talk for few minutes or hours. He would hate that moment and try to patch up by compromising. He would come first to settle the issue.

If you find your guy selfish or holding his ego up, you need to remain careful. When a guy leaves his ego and compromise, it means he loves you. Most relationships end because of each other’s ego. It is the worst enemy. Ensure to put away your ego if you seriously like your guy or girl. You will be the loser if you give importance to stubbornness and ego.

He touches in public: If a guy holds your hand in public, it means he is in love with you. Not all guys will be willing to show their affection in public. They will express in situations to show their proudness and happiness. They would feel proud to announce to the world that you are his girl. When he offers cuddles and hugs without any expectation of sex, it means you are a special person to him.